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About Us

Meet The Seaside Living Group


Seaside Living Group is much more than a team. We are family.

We knew this was special right from the moment we all got together. We are 10 strong and growing. We are geared for service and your satisfaction.  We all assist each other so that you receive the finest service. Buyers will work with a strong agent, versed in his or her market, able to walk you through the process of purchasing your home or investment.

Transaction guidance every step of the way – this is what you can expect from the Seaside Living Group. Sellers, we have you covered. From an initial consultation to readying your home for sale, from staging to selling – we do it.

Our numbers speak for themselves, and so do our sellers and buyers.

A Note from Colleen Waldoch

I have known Scott Swonger for a number of years now. We have worked in a couple of the same brokerages in which we have gotten to know each other. Scott is dynamic and charismatic. People have a tendency to gravitate towards him. Scott and I have gotten along since the get-go. We enjoy each others company and are a great compliment to each others’ personalities and skill sets. One day I suggested that we team up, and he said yes! I was so excited and so scared – what if this does not work out? Silly me. This has taken off like a rocket ship to Mars.

The next thing I know we have two team members, then another two, and another two … and it had only been two weeks since Scott and I joined forces. It has been a whirlwind of activity and fun. Since that time, we have become a strong unit that supports each other.

It is with humility and honor that I introduce this lovely and amazing team of people that are supporting Scott and I, and whom we call family.

With much gratitude,

Colleen Waldoch